11 people survive Bristow helicopter crash in Lagos

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11 people survive Bristow helicopter crash in Lagos

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11 people survive Bristow helicopter crash in Lagos

By Ofonime Essien

Bristow Helicopter Crash

Eleven people have survived a Bristow helicopter crash that occurred around the Murtala Mohammed International  Airport, eyewitnesses have said.

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The crash has also been confirmed by the Public Relations Officer, South-West National Emergency Management Agency, Ibrahim Farinloye.

Farinloye also said emergency workers are already on the scene of the incidence.

An official of Lagos State Emagergency Management Authority said the helicopter was en-route Port Harcourt  from Lagos.

The 11 passenger on the Bristol helicopter crash are alive as they all float on water with the help of their life jacket.

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Bristow, Agip and Shell assisted in rescuing the 11 passengers on board.

I understand it was a controlled DITCHING … NOT engine failure

More details coming…




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