Over 150,000 passengers affected by Air France strike

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Over 150,000 passengers affected by Air France strike

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Over 150,000 passengers affected by Air France strike

By Ofonime Essien

Air France Strike

Air France pilots went on strike in June, during the first days of the Euro 2016 football tournament. It cost the firm $44.6m [Reuters]

The Air France cabin crew strike was still running on Monday, with around 5 percent of all long haul flights cancelled and around 20 percent of domestic and medium-haul flights also grounded.

The airline warned that last-minute cancellations and delays were also possible.

“Difficulties with crew compositions may also limit the number of passengers per flight,” the airline added in a statement.

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The schedule for Tuesday is still yet to be released, although it should be the last day of the strike.

Sunday saw thousands of people hit by flight cancellations in France at the height of the holiday travel period.

So far the strike has affected around 150,000 people, the airline said.

Some 900 flights, or about one in five, have been cancelled since the action began on Wednesday, the airline said, estimating the cost to the company at “tens of millions of euros”.

Some flights have gone ahead but with a reduced passenger load for security reasons as there were not enough flight attendants.

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Unions representing around half of the Air France strikers called the stoppage after marathon talks failed to reach a breakthrough on renewing a collective labour accord on rules, pay and promotions that expires in October.

Management wants to limit the extension of the agreement to 17 months, while unions are asking for between three and five years.

Talks are at an impasse, union leader Christelle Auster said Sunday, threatening a new strike following the current action, which ends Tuesday.

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Air France has also grappled with pilot strikes. The last one took place June 11-14, right at the start of Euro 2016 football championships. The airline estimated that stoppage cost it some 40 million euros ($45 million).

Source: The Local

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