Air Astana cleared from European blacklist

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Air Astana cleared from European blacklist

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Air Astana cleared from European blacklist

By Ofonime Essien

Air Astana

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has removed Kazakhstan’s national carrier, Air Astana, from the European Union (EU) Air Safety List.

Air Astana has faced restrictions on flying into the EU since 2009, but is now free to operate. However, other Kazakh carriers remain on the list, while Iraqi Airways has been added to it following alleged safety lapses and failure to provide necessary documentation.

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No Thai carriers have been added to the list, despite FAA’s decision to downgrade the Asian nation’s aviation safety rating to Category 2, which will prevent Thai carriers from starting new services to the US.

“The [European] Commission and EASA are willing to continue to work with the Thai authorities to enhance aviation safety in the country,” EASA said in a statement Dec. 10. “The Commission and EASA will, however, closely monitor future developments and, if the protection of air passengers against safety risks so requires, the Commission could then propose to include one or more air carriers from Thailand in the Air Safety List.”

“EASA is encouraged by the Thai government’s determination to resolve problems involving the kingdom’s aviation industry,” added EASA executive director Patrick Ky.

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The updated EU Air Safety List—which will be published Dec. 11—bars 228 carriers across 20 states from EU airspace. In those circumstances, airlines wishing to maintain a service into EU nations normally have to resort to leasing aircraft and crews from a nation that meets EASA standards.

The updated list came as EASA met its partners from Asia, Africa, Central America and the Middle East in Hong Kong to discuss global co-operation in aviation safety at the fifth meeting of the International Cooperation Forum (ICF).

The ICF is an exchange platform for aviation authorities and regional organizations that have adopted European aviation safety rules. Among topics being discussed in the two-day meeting were technical advances in air traffic management and emerging risks in cybersecurity.

Source: ATW Online

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