Couple having sex on plane couldn’t control themselves

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Couple having sex on plane couldn’t control themselves

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Couple having sex on plane couldn’t control themselves

By Ofonime Essien

Sex on Plane

A couple were caught having sex on a Southwest Airlines Flight (file photo) AFP/Getty Images

A couple who were caught having sex on a plane “could not control themselves”, an airport official said.

Police spoke with the man and woman after they were caught engaging in sexual activity on a plane bound for Las Vegas over the weekend.

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The two passengers were travelling on a Southwest Airlines flight to McCarran International Airport from Atlanta.

Michael Oram, an airport spokesman said: “Apparently they just couldn’t control themselves.

“They were all over each other.”

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The couple were told to stop during the flight but carried on.

They were then spoken to by police after the plane landed at about 8am.

Officers said the incident would be forwarded to the FBI and Federal Aviation Administration for investigation but no complaint was filed and no arrests were made.







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