Dana Air Plane makes emergency landing over Fuel leakage

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Dana Air Plane makes emergency landing over Fuel leakage

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Dana Air Plane makes emergency landing over Fuel leakage

By Ofonime Essien

Dana Air

A Lagos bound Dana Air aircraft which took off at about 3.10pm Tuesday from the Ibom Airport in Uyo was forced to make an emergency landing at the Port Harcourt Airport as pilots and crew detected a massive fuel leakage from the fuel compartment which was feared could result in an air accident. After a successful take off and with the aircraft stabilized for cabin crew to commence in flight meals and drinks, signs quickly emerged that all was not well with Dana Air flight 9J 334 as cabin crew abandoned services midway and one of them started moving about looking through the windows from right to left in a manner that aroused the interest of some passengers.
And moments later, the Pilot announced through the public system to passengers that the aircraft had developed a fault which necessitated an immediate abortion of the Uyo – Lagos bound flight to an alternate airport.

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According to the pilot, a fuel leakage had been spotted but the cause could not be ascertained unless the aircraft was brought down for engineers to access the situation. Most passengers had remained calm, though however frightened that a crash was imminent. one passenger was even heard shouting “Why is it always Dana?”
Flying at a very low altitude and weathering through some turbulence, the aircraft was successfully brought to land at the Port Harcourt airport even as some aeronautical engineers were seen rushing towards the fuel compartments, engines, and wings to ascertain what could have caused the crisis. Moments later, the Pilot announced that the aircraft would no longer proceed to Lagos and that the management of the airline would make provisions for an alternative aircraft to convey passengers back to Lagos.
What passengers anticipated next was for the doors of the aircraft to be flug open for disembarkation. But that was not to be as it appeared that the ground engineers had spotted the fault and it was successfully fixed.
Passengers were later to be informed by cabin crew that the fuel compartment was not properly shut, a gross negligence on the part of a ground staff possibly during the aircraft refuelling in Uyo airport.
Passengers were later assured by the pilot that all was well with the aircraft and that there was no need for fear as a new flight plan (Port Harcourt – Lagos) had been filled with the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA). Dana Air flight 9J 334 was thereafter switched on and taxied onto the runway where it took off and landed successfully in Lagos, with great kudos given to the pilots who detected the faults on time by passengers, while the ground staff who failed to shut the fuel compartment was roundly condemned and recommended for sanctions by regulators and the airline.

Source: Sun News


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