Don’t Lobby for What God Has Not Given You

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Don’t Lobby for What God Has Not Given You

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Don’t Lobby for What God Has Not Given You

By Ofonime Essien

Louis Edet House, Abuja

Recently, I applied to join the Nigeria Police Force as a Helicopter Pilot. I passed the written examination and was interviewed for the job by the Police Service Commission. People who were in the know,  congratulated me even when the list was not finalized, including an Air Commodore in the Nigerian Air Force and a staff of NCAA. It was a question of waiting for the list to come out.

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Something Must Be Wrong Somewhere

When the list finally came out last Monday, my name was not among those taken. Some of the pilots that were taken were surprised, and one said something must be wrong somewhere. Some Police Pilots called and congratulated me when the list came out, believing that my name must be among those that were taken. They also believed something was wrong somewhere and that I should make some phone calls. I sincerely appreciate their concerns. God bless you.

I resisted the temptation to call anybody concerning the Police job. I don’t believe in lobbying for things. I believe in getting things by merit. Why lobby for what God has not given you?

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The Nigeria Police Force has more helicopters than aeroplanes, so it was expected that more helicopter pilots will be employed. Unfortunately, more fixed wing pilots were employed than helicopters despite the fact that they were helicopter pilots who attended the interview and performed well. The fixed wing pilots will be trained and converted to helicopter. Why waste money and time to train and convert fixed wing pilot to helicopter when you have helicopter pilots who are ready and willing to do the job? It shows the problem in our society. People no longer get jobs in Nigeria based on merit but based on who you know. I wonder when this trend will end.

The Nigeria Police Force doesn’t use its helicopters to fight crime like police of other countries do. It doesn’t use its helicopters to cover men on ground as they chase criminals or serious traffic offenders or participate in search and rescue missions. Its helicopters are mainly for VIP transportation. I wanted to join for the opportunity to fly and build hours, get type rated on a twin engine aircraft and to see how I can use my wealth of experience and skills to influence some changes in the Air Wing Unit of the Force. I wanted to see how I can impact the Unit positively. I later realized they don’t do much flying. Other than these, there was no interest in joining the force. I knew from the beginning that the Nigeria Police Force was not for me. Therefore, there was no need to lobby for something I am not excited about.

I had some revelations two (2) weeks before the list was released. It was a message. I woke up and wrote it down. I wondered which area of my life to apply the message but didn’t know until the Police list came out. At some point, I thought if I post the message on my Facebook pages, someone might be blessed. Here’s the message: “To all those who disappointed me, I say thank you. To those who said no, you gave me an opportunity to look for something better and an opportunity to improve myself”. Am sure you can also relate with this message.


When the list came out and my name was not there, I was not surprised because of the revelation I had. God had prepared my mind for it. I wasn’t really keen about being in the Police Force in the first place. It took the encouragements of some Police Pilots friends to write the test and attend the interview. So why lobby now?

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt something has gone wrong somewhere? Have you ever been in a situation where you thought “it was just a matter of time”, only to have it turn out differently? It could have been a job, a relationship, a contract or a business proposal. Maybe a loved one walked out of your life for another person and you feel the best thing to do is fight for your man or woman. Did he / she fight to be in your life in the first place? If no, why fight now? Or a business partner short changed you. God will never allow what belongs to you to be given to another person.

Don’t force yourself into where God has not put you. Don’t fight and put yourself where you are not wanted. Don’t lobby for what God has not given you. You might lobby and succeed but you might not enjoy it at the end of the day or it might last. Don’t lobby yourself into a job, a relationship, a contract or a business proposal that God didn’t design for you, thereby, missing out on a better opportunity that is on the way. Though it tarries, wait for it.

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About Author

Ofonime Essien

Mr. Ofonime A. Essien, is a Helicopter Pilot. He is also a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA), Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), a Computer Forensics Expert, a Blogger, Web Master, a Writer and an Entrepreneur. He is an avid reader. He likes motivating others to achieve their dreams through writing and speaking.



December 18, 2015 at 8:32 am

I also did not see my name in d police list. So sad, but I ‘ve gotten over it. Looking for better prospects elsewhere. It is well.

Eze Ezekiel

December 18, 2015 at 9:43 am

Greetings to you sir. Am really touched by your post. This did not just touched my life, but also reminded me that for every living soul here on earth, That before our creation God has already predestined what we will be, where we will be, places we will go, etc. Only what is left for us/me is to draw myself closer to my God through his son Jesus christ, cos in him our destiny lies. And for My/our dreams to come to pass, I/we need to work hard towards our target, and when opportunities comes knocking on our/my door, I/we should just go for it with faith towards God. BUT… When it didn’t workout the way I/we planed, I
/we shouldn’t lobby my/our way through, thereby forcing ourselves/myself into what is not meant for me/us. The root of the matter is to WAIT for the appointed time ( i.e Gods time)


December 18, 2015 at 11:39 am

Thank you for this good message. Many have lobbied themselves our of the purpose of God for their lives.

Thank you and merry Christmas.

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