FAAN Workers Linked to Theft of Airports Runway Lighting Facilities

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FAAN Workers Linked to Theft of Airports Runway Lighting Facilities

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FAAN Workers Linked to Theft of Airports Runway Lighting Facilities

By Ofonime Essien

FAAN Runway Lighting Facilities

The Director of Airport Operations of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Captain Henry Omeogu, has alleged that staff of the agency who work at the runways and airsides (restricted areas of aircraft movement) may have aided the stealing of cables and bulbs that provide light to the runways, thereby jeopardising the smooth landing of aircraft at the runways of Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos and others.

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He said the agency spent huge amount of money replacing the missing cables that are critical equipment and apparently stolen by those mandated to oversee their safety and ensure no foreign object finds its way into the runways of the airports.

He disclosed that both the actions and the in-actions of the personnel often result in serious incidents involving IRS, HAK, Emirates and FirstNation aircraft collusion either while landing or taxing along the taxiways and taxi lanes.

Speaking as Guest Speaker at the 2015 Murtala Muhammed Airport Safety Week in Lagos, the Director frowned on the indiscriminate posting of untrained personnel to the airside for which he said its safety is the essence of aviation.

Omeogu cited two incidents at the Port Harcourt airport recently when an aircraft landed and veered into the grass area having mistakenly taken a foreign object on the runway because of malfunctioned centreline  light that ought to guide the pilot.

There was another incident caused by airside vehicle driver who ignorantly drove a construction vehicle across the runway at the Enugu airport just to pick an official up during an inspection tour of the facility.

He said: “That is why l frown at the indiscriminate posting of untrained personnel by both the airport authority and the airlines to the airside as these personnel are nothing but hazards that may cause serious and regrettable accidents.”

Furthermore, he disclosed that the authority is carrying out investigation into the theft of cables and bulbs and therefore challenged the personnel to religiously work round the clock to identify cracks on the runway, wildfire, oil spillage, indiscriminate parking and frequent buildup of rubber as a result of frequent landing of aircraft.

“Accidents and incidents that involve vehicles on the airside are attributed to lack of training, influence of drugs, and over speeding on the apron and airside. This must be avoided,” Omeogu said.

He explained that the 2015 Safety Week is to be used to provide awareness to both staff of all stakeholders and the travelling public on the need to observe safety culture at the airport environment.

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