Packed Lufthansa plane bursts FOUR of its eight tyres during ‘scary’ landing

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Packed Lufthansa plane bursts FOUR of its eight tyres during ‘scary’ landing

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Packed Lufthansa plane bursts FOUR of its eight tyres during ‘scary’ landing

By Ofonime Essien

  • Airbus A330 was travelling from Munich to Mumbai when its tyres burst
  • A small fire was reported. There was also landing gear and brake damage 
  • All 163 passengers on board were safe. Lack of staff caused repair delay

Four of the main tyres on the Lufthansa flight from Munich to Mumbai burst during landing

A Lufthansa Airbus A330 was stranded on the runway at Mumbai airport for 22 hours after four of its main tyres burst during landing.

Flight LH-764, which travelled from Munich, had 163 passengers on board – none of whom were injured.

However, due to the time it took to get the aircraft off the runway, a number of airlines due to travel the following day had to cancel their flights.

The incident took place at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport on Friday 13 at around 10.50pm local time.

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Four of the eight tyres on the plane burst after a suspected issue with the anti-skid system of the landing gear according to Aerotelegraph.

Eye-witnesses said that small flames were seen around the tyres, which were doused with foam by emergency services.

SanuzR, who was on the flight at the time, Tweeted: ‘Scary landing. Fire on landing gear LH764 @lufthansa. Thank god all are safe.’

However, due to the number of tyres that burst in this situation, there were significant delays to moving the aircraft off the runway.

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Hindustan Times reported that the Lufthansa Airbus A330 blocked the main runway for 22 hours in total, 12 of which were because there were no staff and equipment available to deal with the issue.

Lufthansa reportedly asked Jet Airways engineers for help at 7am the next day and a team was dispatched at 8.30am.

A spokesman from Jet Airways told MailOnline Travel: ‘Jet Airways was approached by Lufthansa on Saturday morning requesting help to rectify the landing gear to enable shifting of the aircraft from the Mumbai airport runway.

‘A team from Jet Airways engineering was mobilized along with equipment and spares to carry out the task. ‘

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An official was reported saying: ‘Until now, Air India has the best technical infrastructure for aircraft recovery, but in this case, they were only able to provide two aircraft jacks. The work wouldn’t have been possible if Jet had not stepped in’.

All four tyres had to be replaced and the brakes had to be fixed before the plane could be moved.

Flights to and from Mumbai had to divert to the airport’s second and shorter runway, causing delays of up to 40 minutes and cancellations to other airlines, including a Singapore Airlines Airbus 380.

The Lufthansa Airbus A330 was booked on a return flight on May 14,which was cancelled.

All 223 passengers scheduled to be on the return flight were taken to hotels accord to Aviation Herald.






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