Pilot Dies at 34,000 Feet While Flying 220 Passengers

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Pilot Dies at 34,000 Feet While Flying 220 Passengers

Pilot Dies at 34,000 Feet While Flying 220 Passengers

By Ofonime Essien


Pilot Walid

Walid bin Mohammed al-Mohammed was preparing to land his packed passenger plane when he suffered a massive cardiac arrest at the controls CEN

Captain Walid bin Mohammed al-Mohammed was flying the Airbus A321 during a two-hour flight to Riyadh, when he had a heart attack and was pronounced dead on arrival.

According to Arabian news reports, the captain died mid-journey after departing Bisha airport in Asir in southwest Saudi Arabia and was headed for King Khalid International Airport in the capital Riyadh.

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Around 220 passengers were believed to have been on board the Saudi Arabian Airlines flight SV 1734 at that time.

Few minutes before landing, his co-pilot, Rami Ben Ghazi radioed medical staff in a state of emergency after his colleague had passed out at the controls.

Paramedics were not able to save al-Mohammed so he was pronounced dead at the scene, while Ben Ghazi was able to take command and land the plane without causing any harm to passengers.

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According to Saudi Arabian Airlines statement, the plane and passengers were never at any risk and that the co-pilot worked “meticulously and in a professional manner” to ensure that passengers were not told about the incident until the plane had safely reached its gate.

“The aircraft and the passengers were not in danger for a moment as the co-pilot managed to land safely,” a spokesman for the state-owned airline said.




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