Runway Incursions

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Runway Incursions

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Runway Incursions

By Ofonime Essien

It is very difficult for pilots and controllers to see and track the many different-sized airplanes and vehicles moving on the airport surface on clear days. Add weather and/or darkness and the problem can explode.

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So, start your own ground safety awareness program by noting the following suggestions (note that most of these apply in the air):

  • Always communicate clearly and use the proper phraseology.
  • Read back clearances with restrictions (altitude, heading, runway number, etc.). If they are not clearly understood, do not hesitate to request clarification. It is a sign of the professional pilot.
  • Keep an uncluttered cockpit; avoid idle chitchat; listen to the other traffic on your frequency.
  • If you aircraft is moving, keep a good lookout.
  • Proceed with caution when approaching any other taxiway or runway.
  • Be ready when cleared for takeoff; do not move into the active runway while trying to finish the checklist. When you hesitate in position, you destroy the timing of every controller and pilot who anticipates your action.

Source: Transport Canada

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