The Shocking Moment An Airline Passenger Was Tied to His Seat

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The Shocking Moment An Airline Passenger Was Tied to His Seat

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The Shocking Moment An Airline Passenger Was Tied to His Seat

By Ofonime Essien

  • Man was travelling on China Southern Airlines flight from Wuhan to Harbin 
  • He reportedly started behaving erratically before shouting ‘I want to fly’ 
  • Flight was forced to divert and the man removed following the incident


A man had to be restrained by cabin crew and fellow passengers after allegedly trying to break into the cockpit on a flight in China.

The outburst took place about five minutes into the China Southern Airlines flight from Wuhan, central China, to Harbin, north-east China, on June 9.

Dramatic footage from the cabin shows the moment the passenger was tied to his seat after ‘shouting, throwing money in the air and rushing up to the cockpit’. The plane had to be diverted following the incident.

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Sina reported that the passenger, who had been sitting in seat 53H on flight CZ8367, started yelling and throwing money on the floor about five minutes into the journey.

It was reported that he repeatedly shouted: ‘Someone is trying to get me, I want to go into the sky, I opened the sky eye.’
Cabin crew were able to calm the passenger but about seven minutes later, he suddenly rushed towards the cockpit, according to the report.

Several passengers and cabin crew were forced to restrain the man.

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In the video from the flight, passengers and crew were seen tying the man’s hands behind his back while he laid face down on the seat.

They then tied him sitting upright to a seat. Throughout the ordeal, the man could be heard shouting and was seen struggling and kicking the seat.

Sina reported that the flight was forced to divert to Zhenzhou about 320 miles away in central China, where the passenger and his luggage was removed from the flight.

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A sweep of the plane revealed no security issues and the plane was allowed to continue its journey to Harbin.

The man is reportedly suffering from a temporary mental breakdown and has now been taken home by his family according to QQ.

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