The worst days to fly in 2016 revealed

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The worst days to fly in 2016 revealed

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The worst days to fly in 2016 revealed

By Ofonime Essien

  • A British holiday firm has analysed data and listed 10 days to avoid
  • Research identified holidays or major events that caused prices to spike
  • First date on the calendar is 12 February ahead of half-term holidays

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Passengers are constantly bombarded with advice on the best time to travel, but a British holiday firm has crunched the numbers and revealed the worst days to fly in 2016.

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It comes as no surprise that the worst days – the ones with the highest prices and most stress for those who hate packed airports – revolve around major holidays, school half-terms or popular events.

They include holidays in the UK and abroad – from Easter long weekend to American Thanksgiving – and were calculated by Flight Centre UK based on airfare data.

Flight Centre UK told the Independent that the first day on the calendar is 12 February because airfare reaches its peak price-point for half-term holidays.

To save money, passengers should try to avoid flying on 24 March, which is the Thursday before the Easter long weekend.

Holidaymakers who are planning a trip to Thailand in April should take note of Songkran, the traditional Thai New Year. It falls on 13 April and is a busy travel period within the country.

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In a few months tourists will be jetting to the Mediterranean for some fun in the sun, and a mad rush is expected on 27 May – the spring bank holiday weekend.

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France is one of the most popular summer destinations for Britons, but prices have soared for travel on or around 11 June for England’s opening match in Euro 2016.

Peak summer travel prices are expected to kick in for most destinations on 1 July.

Later in the year, 21 October is expected to be more expensive thanks to the start of the autumn half-term school holidays.

Tourists who are planning getaways to New York should be aware of two events in November which cause the price of plane tickets to increase.

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On 6 November, tens of thousands of visitors are in New York to take in the city’s marathon, while flights across the US will be costlier on and around 24 November due to Thanksgiving.

In December, prices will spike on 22 December as people begin to travel over the Christmas break.

Source: Daily Mail



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