Travel Tip: How to Prevent Lost Luggage

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Travel Tip: How to Prevent Lost Luggage

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Travel Tip: How to Prevent Lost Luggage

By Ofonime Essien

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A new report says that more than 24 million bags were delayed, damaged, lost, or stolen last year by airlines. About five percent of those bags were never seen again.

So, how can you avoid being the victim of these luggage travel troubles? Here are some tips on how to prevent lost luggage.

Of course, one option is to never check your bags. Another is to ship your bags to your destination.

Companies such as FedEx and UPS offer these luggage shipping services, and they cost about $25 to $40 more per bag than the airlines are charging you to lose your bag.

You’ve heard the advice of getting to the airport as early as possible to check in.

But when it comes to your bags, there’s another reason you should get there early—to make sure that the three-digit airport code they put on the bags is actually the three-digit airport code corresponding to your destination.

Make sure to track your own bags. There are a number of GPS devices that you can place in your bags, so you always know where they are—or where they went missing.

Some of the devices on the market include LugLoc and TrakDot.

They may cost you about $50 dollars, which includes a monthly service fee. But it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind while you’re traveling.

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