Vacancies at Smile Air

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Vacancies at Smile Air

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Vacancies at Smile Air

Smile Air, a new service taking to the skies in the fourth quarter of 2015 is looking for talented and experienced people to join their team. If you’ve worked in an airline before or dreamt of working in the clouds, you can apply for many of the opportunities in their company:

  • Cabin Crew – type rated and ab-initio
  • Pilots, Captains and First Officers
  • Engineers and Mechanics
  • Ground Staff
  • Sales Staff, Passenger and Cargo

Smile Air will be operating from Kotoka Internationational Airport, Accra – Ghana.

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How to submit an employment application at Smile Air

  1. Draw up a cover letter and include the department that you are applying for.
  2. Add your most current CV. Document must be in Adobe PDF format.
  3. Add any other supporting documents, certificates, licenses etc. relevant to your application. Document must be in pdf format.
  4. Attach three pictures, one full length, the other a side shot and the third, a headshot/passport type photo, Photo must be in jpg, format.
  5. Add the documents into a folder and zip it… not rar or another format.
  6. Name the zip folder in the following format, “firstname.lastname.dateofbirth” (in the format 20150731) and send us the zipped file. The folder name format is very important for the tracking of your application.

Please note that only ECOWAS citizens may apply for open positions at this time except technical (engineering) and flight (pilots).






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