Heathrow Wants to be World’s First Imaginary Friend Friendly Airport

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Heathrow Wants to be World’s First Imaginary Friend Friendly Airport

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Heathrow Wants to be World’s First Imaginary Friend Friendly Airport

By Ofonime Essien

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Kids can now take their imaginary pals through Heathrow, which I guess they could do before but..

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Heathrow Airport has decided to go the extra mile and start catering for children’s imaginary friends.

In a bid to be more “imaginary friend friendly”, the airport has released a six-minute video featuring airport staff showing exactly how imaginary friends should be treated while travelling through their airport.

The video features a train ticket steward ensuring a child’s imaginary friend is ticketed and accounted for, that there’s room on the shuttle bus and even space at dinner for an extra pal.

The idea came after research shows that one in three British children still have an imaginary friend, and that 68 per cent of them will take said pal on holiday with them.

While we’re not sure what the secret sidekicks left at home get up to while the rest of the family goes away, in numbers, that’s 2.1 million or 35 percent of children in Britain with imaginary playmates – and approximately two million ‘Invisibles’, or more if your child has multiple make-believe mates.

In Australia, research points to up to 65 percent of children having imaginary friends, or two in every three Aussie kids will bring home an invisible sidekick, according to La Trobe University researcher Dr Evan Kidd, and these invisible playmates can hang around for six months or more.

Imaginary Friend Friendly Airport

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The video is voiced by Chris O’Dowd, who stars in Moone Boy, which centres around a boy with an imaginary friend.

Some of the situations Heathrow staff has been trained on include allowing space for make-believe buddies on train seats, restaurants and in terminal buildings, and security officers to be on the lookout for imaginary friends transiting through metal detectors and x-ray machines. From checking tickets on the Heathrow Express to assisting with invisible luggage at customs, the video shows airport staff interacting with families with imaginary plus-ones in tow in different situations across the terminals and facilities.

While it might make for a more relaxed airport experience for families, expect more imaginary friends to be blamed for kicking your seat!



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