Travel Tip: Travel Gear to Keep Your Money And Documents Safe

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Travel Tip: Travel Gear to Keep Your Money And Documents Safe

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Travel Tip: Travel Gear to Keep Your Money And Documents Safe

By Ofonime Essien







Pickpocketing is one of the oldest crimes around, and while you can’t protect yourself 100 percent of the time, there are ways to keep your valuables a little safer.

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A money belt under your clothes is a good solution, but it can be awkward. You’re better off using a money belt to store larger amounts for safekeeping, not cash you need access to immediately.

LiteGear has RFID money belts and neck wallets with multiple compartments that can hold your money and passport.

Travel Gear

LiteGear RFID Neck Wallet












For daily spending, stick with a zippered bag that can be worn across your body.

Travelon makes an anti-theft cross pouch with a zippered pocket that actually locks, with a slash-proof shoulder strap.

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Pacsafe makes an entire line of anti-theft gear for day-to-day use, including RFID-blocking wallets and locking, slash-proof backpacks.


Pacsafe Venturesafe Anti-Theft Travel Backpack











Clothing Arts makes theft-resistant pants and shorts with hidden pockets. But, like the money belt, your items can be difficult to access.

Travel Pants-1

Business Travel Pants by Clothing Arts










Scottevest makes lightweight vests and hoodies with 14 different pockets to keep your belongings safe.


Chloe Hoodie by Scottevest


















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