Travelers most annoyed by flight delays and uncomfortable seats

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Travelers most annoyed by flight delays and uncomfortable seats

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Travelers most annoyed by flight delays and uncomfortable seats

By Ofonime Essien

Travelers legroom

What do you like the most about air travel? If the thrill of getting to a new destination is high on your list, then you are among the majority of TripAdvisor’s recent air travel survey respondents — up to 68 percent — who considered it to be the most important thing.

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The survey, which claims to have collected information from more than 2,500 people in Southeast Asia, also reveals “sense of adventure” (51 percent), in-flight amenities (38 percent), “looking out of the plane’s window during take-off/landing” (36 percent), and “the chance to break from work during the flight” (33 percent) as travelers’ top reasons to enjoy their flight.

“With the rise of low-cost carriers, we can expect to see more growth for short-haul flights in the next few years. While air travel continues to be popular, seat comfort remains the biggest concern for flyers in the region,” said Andrew Wong, TripAdvisor Flights regional director for the Asia-Pacific, in a press release on June 9.

On the other side of the coin, unpredictable flight delays and cancellations (73 percent) and uncomfortable seats and limited legroom (70 percent) are among travelers’ top frustrations about flying, according to the survey.

“To better serve the traveler, airlines would be wise to take note of these complaints and make some improvements, especially in the economy cabin for long-haul flights,” said Wong.

Also mentioned as the things travelers like least are added fees (58 percent), long security lines and customs wait times (52 percent), and loud and crying children (50 percent).

“Whilst ease of online bookings [74 percent] and the introduction of new flight routes [64 percent] are the most appreciated improvements in recent years for travelers in Southeast Asia,” Wong added, referring to respondents’ replies when asked about the top air travel improvements over the past five years.

Other interesting revelations disclosed by the survey include the fact that flyers mostly book flights on their laptop or PC [80 percent], up to 64 percent of travelers check two or more sites when shopping for airfares and more than half of the respondents [54 percent] are loyal to a particular airline.

Source: The Jakarta Post Travel

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